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Tuesday Nov. 22, 2022

I made it to Texas! Where I’m sitting right now, in the cold, tundra that is Texas right now. It’s not THAT cold today, but it has been. I’ve got the space heater on me right now, with long sleeves, sweet pants, heavy socks, and a fleece jacket. I’m inside. Anyway, enough about the weather.

Thanksgiving is this week! It feels good to be home.

So a quick note on this blog post in general.

I usually write in a journal. I type it. Nearly everyday.

No one ever reads it. It’s just for me. It’s therapeutic, and helpful in all my online and business endeavors, including being a writer. It does help you hone your skills as a writer.

But this is not exactly that. Some of those posts are not conversational like this at all. They’re like notes and quick thoughts and problem solving. I’m not really telling a story, or speaking in a conversational manner. A lot of that is also deeply personal, and I don’t know if I want ALL of that out in the open.

So I’ve started a new Google Doc for “My Blog” and the title at the top is “My Public Blog” just to remind myself that what I’m writing, I plan on sharing it with anyone who wants to read my blog.

I’ve always wanted to do this, but I’ve been scared to. And it seemed pointless. But writing might be one of my greatest strengths. And I always thought, maybe I could write an old school journal blog. But making my actual journal public seemed like too much, so how about just writing a journal blog with the intention of sharing it?

Not that people like reading anymore at all, but hey, it’ll be good for me either way, I think.

Now, back to the blog.

See, I’m not even thinking, and I just wrote nearly a page. If you find this at all interesting, I think I could be pretty good at this.

This is the point where I start thinking, how personal do I want to get with you. It’s different in my private journal. No one’s going to read it. Especially the people I’m talking about. How honest can you really be when every one of your friends and family could read in your inner thoughts like Breaking News?

See, you’re already coming along for my out loud thought process.

I wish you didn’t need a thumbnail for these things. What the fuck am I going to put as a blog post thumbnail? Me looking REAL rough at my desk typing? That sounds awful. OR the fake pre-shot youtube reaction photoshoots they use for thumbnails. That’d be funny. Ironic. Maybe no thumbnail.

I am realizing that I do enjoy spilling the beans like this than on the podcast like I wanted to do. Now, I’m uploading my short-form videos to the podcast, and it’s working pretty well! Well… no one is listening, but I like the material. They’re short like songs, with a very to the point intention, instead of… Well, this.

I don’t want to make this too long, but I am enjoying this. Hopefully you are too.

There’s a lot that I’d love to get into, but I fear it’s too soon to talk about these thoughts and plans publicly yet. What can I talk about? Not that you care, but if you’re still here, you do a little bit.

I’ve combined my new business venture with my current one. Trying to consolidate and make it easier. So is a Social Media Marketing Agency with a Full-Service Production Studio. Basically adding Monthly Content Creation (Aka Content Marketing), Running Ads & Social Media Management. Adding Social Media Marketing to my business.


Well I stopped typing after that. Went and saw “Black Adam” with my mom. It was pretty good. Feels good to be home for Thanksgiving.

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