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Tick, Tick... Boom! Worth the Watch (A)

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Theatre kids are gushing over this incredible musical biopic based on the late, Jonathan Larson, the creator of RENT.

You'd think that a movie based on the creator of the world-renowned musical, "RENT" would take up the majority of the movie, or a movie featuring Vanessa Hudgens she'd be a main character, but the surprising answer is: It didn't, but it didn't need it.

The Netflix film is called, "Tick, Tick... Boom!" based on the creator of Tick, Tick... Boom & RENT, Jonathan Larson, played by former Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield.

I won't make this too long, or give away too much, but it's extremely well-written and well-directed, which was Hamilton Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The singing is fantastic and meaningful to the story. They're not breaking out in song just to sing. Good spoiler, there's not drawn-out sadness over Larson's sudden death. Which, for me, is huge, because I'd rather not watch a sad biopic. If I did, I'd have to be in a certain mood to watch it, and this movie is nothing like that.

It's a story about a young composer dealing with the emending doom of turning 30 with seemingly nothing in his creative career to show for it. It's a fantastic story & film. It's one of the rare entertaining movies that will likely see many awards as well. It's got heart. Get ready to tear-up a little bit, smile and a few laugh out loud moments.

Make sure you've got your good headphones in or great sound bar to hear this incredible music.

This is an "A" movie. Go watch it on Netflix.

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