There’s No Such Thing As An Overnight Success

10 years ago, when I took this, I recently dropped out of college, worked at a job I didn’t like, and made some money with my business I started a year or two before. I’d go back to college that fall, start a new & pretty successful company a few months after.

10+ years before THIS photo, you could find me with a camera in hand on the weekends and all summer, making videos & convincing my friends to do dumb but funny stuff on camera... not much has changed 😂

I’m still quite far from where I want to be, where I see my company being, but when you look at someone and think, wow how lucky are they? Or you see someone’s work and feel envious or jealous. Don’t be.

I look at them and think it’s amazing. And what’s more amazing is the time, commitment and countless failures I know they’ve experienced to get to be that point.

There’s much more to that onion when you peel it back & there’s no such thing as an overnight success. And most of the time, luck & God-given talents have far less to do with it than just a relentless pursuit.

I’m still surprised when people I know are like, you do video? I’ve literally been behind the camera for over 20 years now lol do you know me at all? Or you write? (Obviously)

Yes! I started writing poems & songs when I was a kid, got 100’s in English, was one course away from a creative writing minor, I’ve written countless screenplays short and long, and I even have a book published! ... But people don’t know your life.

People think they know you, but most don’t. We even have a hard enough time understanding ourselves, so how would anyone else really know? They don’t. So don’t worry about it. Be your biggest cheerleader, and carry on with your relentless pursuit.

Be grateful for where you and how far you’ve come, but continue to strive to better & better.

And the next you awe at something someone has done, or feel jealous, or wanna snap at someone for writing a long Facebook post, just think, I wonder how far they had to crawl on their belly to get here?

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