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Sunday Nov. 27, 2022

Alright, this is the first time I wanted to write in my private journal, but I thought this might be good content for you, my public journal. My new style of blog. I’m super self-conscious about this, but here it goes.

This is harder than I thought.

Okay, so you should know that at any given time, there’s usually two main things occupying my mind: Content & Business.

Whilte that seems simplistic, it’s really quite difficult. Especially when you’re always “trying to figure it out.”

When I say content, I don’t just mean social media. While yes, that’s occupying my mind a lot right now. Especially developing two different channels & pages with The Studio & My Own. That distinction across platforms has proven difficult.

Although it has been made easier now that I’ve consolidated all my current and future business ventures into one. The same is true for content outside of pure entertainment and comedy. Which is where my channel comes in.

Even so, discovering my new content strategy for my studio/business page has left my personal page content, of which I’ve had the most success, feeling empty and pointless.

I struggle with being perceived as just a comedian or actor. I’m the furthest thing from a simplistic airhead or class clown lacking emotional intelligence to express themselves without a joke. I’m sure my early education experiences and childhood lead me down both paths. It really did.

My fight to be seen as smart as the state required IQ test said I was, even though I finished last on every test. Scoring off the charts on an IQ test, and needing to put in remedial extra help classes for the state tests, at 9-years-old, leaves a kid feeling confused about his intelligence. A chip developed and a sense of anarchy against the education system rose up.

I’ve also made videos since the age of 7, and was bound to be a great filmmaker with a keen sense of the entire storytelling process like no other my age.

And humor developed early as well, despite being terribly shy. A stand-up comedian’s album is the only thing that stopped the fighting and brought everyone together on family road trips. SNL & MadTV were the only things my father and I really bonded over. And performing for the family brought joy, laughter and happiness.

Oh, and entrepreneurship started early as well. Selling candy out of a backpack, mowing lawns, and unsuccessful lemonade stands. My dad was fired or lost his job many times in my life, and many times were a bit rough and scary. So I asked my mom how could you not get fired, and she said you’d have to own the company. I asked how do you do that, she said you’d have to be an entrepreneur. And so that was it.

In 4th grade, we made a poster of what we wanted to be when we grew-up, and next to a professional athlete, I wrote entrepreneur.

So I am many things. God gave me many talents, which I sometimes hate, because it makes having a simple or singular identity difficult.

Which brings me back to content.

I think I’m getting closer to defining these two brands of mine. The Studio content is coming that will develop into more revenue streams. Especially starting it with business in mind. Whether that be courses, books, views, affiliate marketing, sponsorships or physical service-based business as well.

I think letting my personal brand of comedy and entertainment just be more fun, will help a lot. Now with the business taken care of, it might lighten the load of my personal content. Like this. This is my blog content, and even though I always wanted to do it, I’ve never had the audacity. It just didn't make sense to me from a business standpoint. But watch, this “fun” content will explode even more.

But when I said, not just social media content, I meant content in the form of movies and tv shows. That’s still a big goal. Basically have a subscription-based entertainment business. So I’d like to start making ultra short movies and show scenes for content. Which channel, I don’t yet know.

I gotta go get ready for church. Going with my mom this morning.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this. I tried to write with you in mind.

As you can see, this is more therapeutic for me too. It’s helpful. And I’d do it, and do it, with or without anyone reading it. Just thought I’d try writing some for the public.

Until next time.


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