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One Way To Figure our Your Passions & Purpose

I think one way to figure out what your passionate about & your purpose, is to figure out your “have to’s” not your “want to’s.”

I want to be a billionaire. Since I was a kid I’ve had to find a way to make money on my own. I want a major following online. I have to make these stupid little funny videos & all types of content that I make- I just have to make it. I want to be a NY Times Best Seller. But I HAVE to write everyday, even if it’s just journaling on the computer for 30 minutes. I have to talk out loud either to someone or by myself. I want to sell out arenas around the world. I have to have a business of my own. I want to create an entertainment business that’s impactful, last for generations and is as big as Walt Disney’s company.

Do you see the difference?

When I don’t do my have to’s, I’m sad, frustrated & people ask me what’s wrong all the time. I’m just not fully me.

Figure out your have to’s, because those want to’s will keep you standing still & always in a state of lack or need, but your have to’s will make your want to’s come true.

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