Nancy Drew is Beyond Bingeable

If you’ve never heard of Nancy Drew, you probably don’t like famous mystery novels or pop culture.

A new series based on the later books is now streaming without commercials on HBO max & with commercials on its original network The CW.

Originally, the Nancy Drew novels featured a very young and quite ruthless heroine detective. It was first published in the 1930’s in an effort to compete with the wildly popular “Hardy Boys.”

It evolved, changed titles a few times, and then she grew up & had romance sub-plots and more. That’s where this series takes place.

Nancy is not a kid anymore, she’s old enough to be in college, and her Scooby-Doo gang losley range in age from 20’s-30’s.

It‘a got drama, the supernatural, insane mystery, and the series very well made.

Like many of its CW counterparts- Riverdale, The Flash, Superman & Lois, & the new Walker Texas Ranger to name a few- the caliber is set pretty high for great TV Drama.

It’s a mystery that keeps you clicking that next episode, and end up doing nothing but watching Nancy Drew on the July 4th holiday weekend. Or was that just me?

If you have HBO Max you can watch it like you watch a Netflix show- endlessly. If you watch it on the the free CW app, you’ll have commercials. And if you have cable, or an app for that, you can watch it live.

The new season of Nancy Drew, Season 3, is set to air Oct. 8, 2021. Just watch the first episode. You’ll be hooked!

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