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I Read A 100 Books! Here’s Why.

I finally reached a personal private goal of reading a 100 books! That’s a lot for a kid who had to go to summer school 2 years in a row in elementary for reading, who finished last on every test & struggled with reading comprehension due to Epilepsy. The kid who wanted to read so bad but couldn’t.

That kid would be very proud of us.

All 100 books are mostly in business, marketing, psychology & self-development. And of course some social media & video production related books.

It started my first year in college, when I took psychology 101 and loved it so much I reach the textbook cover to cover. I got a 99 in the class. Then after my first business bomb, I started reading business & marketing books. Before that I had mental break that sparked a self-help kick that I’ve never stopped. I love it. Audiobooks are my favorite.

And I’ve learned that some of the most successful & biggest CEO’s read around 60 a year! So I’ve got some catching up to do.

Here’s two reasons why:

You learn the best from experience and mistakes, BUT they don’t have to be YOUR experience OR YOUR mistakes. You can gain decades of knowledge from someone doing what you want in hours. They’ll read a whole book for one nugget of knowledge that shape their busienss or change their outlook.

Two, were the only thing we can actually control. Guarding their minds and feeding them with positivity and useful knowledge is ROI positive rather than negative and useless information. Exhibit A: Subjective Opinionated News. Couldn’t resist.

Anyway, I’m very proud, and need to get closer to this number a year. Because an interesting thing I think Mark Cuban said in his book, maybe, he could go to zero, and get it all back. It’s mainly knowledge, experience & relationships. Mainly the one you have with yourself. And you can get that from taking action yes, but you’ll get there faster if you combine that with constantly educating yourself from other people.

You want to start a streaming service? Read a book I’m reading now, “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the culture of reinvention.” The owners helped write it! It’s nearly a blueprint to how to operate a business like that.

You want to start an online store? Why not read ”The Everything Store” and see how the most successful Amazon & Jeff Bazos did it! It’s right there. The cost is $20. And you’ll learn all the mistakes and successes and the whys and why nots.

That’s why they read. And it’s one reason I do too. But like Elon Musk, part of me just wanted to do it to say, I did it.

100 books! Woo!

(I May start a a tab on here of books I recommend)

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