How Would This Look If It Were Easy?

I jokingly say I’m an overachieving lazy person. I’m not lazy, obviously, but I do enjoy doing absolutely nothing. I live in the extremes. I also try to find the most efficient way to do anything. Figuring out my content moving forward on YT & TT I meditated this morning on how would this look if it were easy? I got that from Tim Ferris in... One of his books.

I tend overthink and overcomplicate things too.

At my Mom's house In Texas

For my business I’m currently asking myself, what’s the most amount of money I can make for the least amount of work?

That may sound lazy, or like you want to cuss at me, but really, it’s a very intelligent question.

What that question actually does is help you figure out what is the highest value thing you can do for the world that comes pretty naturally to you. You can charge a lot for its perceived value, but you can do it in a day or so. Higher ticket items for business owners.

What’s the highest? So instead of needing 1,000 or 100 clients every year, you may only need 3-5 if you lived like a monk. It’s crazy, but only if you’ve never done it.

Just ask any fairly big continent creator how much they get for one sponsored post. 😂

Or what’s the byproduct of what you’re already doing. Ever heard of the wood manufacturing company that figured out they could sell the saw dust and made another million dollar company w/o doing any extra work? It’s real.

Raise your standards, and try start thinking like an overachieving lazy person. 😂

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