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How Do I Manage My Time??

I've been asked a lot lately about time-management. How do I manage all the stuff I do and still find success. 2 things. (I'll give it to you quick and in more detail if you wanna read.)

1. Ever heard of the 80/20 rule? 80% of your results is from 20% of your efforts. Roughly. So, we spend a lot of time doing B.S. If you cut the B.S. & put 100% or so of your efforts into that 20% you'll get higher results faster and do less work.

2. Ever heard of the book "The One Thing?" There's many books, but the basic idea is to spend time getting clear on your big picture goals/dreams, your ultimate one thing, and then work backwards. So every decision is based on those long-term big things, and it's easier to decide what to do, and it's also easier to say no. You can do this in all areas of your life, but the question is, "What's the one thing I can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?"

What's the thing I want most in life, ultimately, and then in every area of my life. Ask that about everything. Tim Ferris also says, "How would this look if it were easy?" What's easy for you isn't easy for everyone.

We make things harder than they have to be, and we spend a lot of time doing work that doesn't really matter. 80/20.

So what's the one thing I can do get in shape? ... Workout.

When you focus on that, the weight comes off, the health gets better, your body starts naturally wanting healthier foods to replenish itself, it just naturally happens because you picked the right one thing so the rest becomes nearly irrelevant to worry about.

What's the one thing for my business? ... Get Business.

It's obvious, right? Without business, you ain't got a business. So everything revolves around that. I'm working on my craft to get better, to get business. I'm working on my product or service, to get business. I'm making this video, writing this post, doing things not asking for business, but I know it'll give value, build trust, and ulitmately, get business. Everything is easier when you know your one thing.

You can do the same thing with your relationships, your finaces, your faith, your mental health, whatever. But you'll find that one may solve another.

For instance, if I'm like what's the one thing I can do to make it as a content creator online? ... It's to make videos & post them.

It's simple. And so, I spend an hour writing, hours shooting and hours editing that I'm not necessarily always planning for, becuase I'm not focused on that. I'm focused on making and posting videos to make it as a creator. So the rest falls in line. And if succsesful, it solves my career, creative and financial question. So they become irrilevant. So why focus on them, when this one thing can solve all of them?


One Thing.

On the contrary, if I instead focused on money alone, which I have many times, you might end up wasting A LOT of time doing something you hate for your finances that's not in line with your ultimate life goals, and vear off in the wrong direction. Yes, we all need money, so do I, but if you go at it from a career standpoint or long-term business goal stand point, you can almost always find something that's at least somewhat in line or in the right field with your ultimate big why's or big things.

You wanna be an author? Your one thing is WRITE.

You wanna be a YouTuber? Your one thing is Make YouTube Videos.

You wanna start a business? GET BUSINESS!

You wanna be a Podcaster? Make Podcasts.

You wanna be a Basketball Player? Shoot Baskets!

You can't theorize or fantasize about getting better at something or becoming something without actually doing it.

Distill it down.

Then focus on doing that one thing.

It's actually easier.

No one has more time than you.

I may not work harder than you.

I just try to hyper focus on the right things and don't really care about the rest.

Most succuessful people also live in the extremes. Work-life balance for them isn't a little here and there. It's 10-15 hour days and not taking off or doing anything "fun" and then days where I'm not picking up my phone at all and fully focused on me or my family and friends. And my attention is fully on them and/or my own mental health.

Success is often found in the extremes.

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