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Do This First, Then Do That

Shifting my focus to making the absolute best videos that I can make.

That may seem obvious & surprising that I haven’t already, but speaking from experience, the difference this time is, I choose to get into the habit of making videos on a consistent basis first, despite the quality, platform, gear or how I felt about them.

I was only concerned with quantity & meeting today’s deadline.

Now, my focus is on making the best of the best I can. Why should you care & why is that any different from making the best you can first?

Because, I think, without the habit, you’d make “the best you can” once a year. Maybe every quarter. But infrequently. And you would say that’s the best you can do and this is your life’s work.

Be that as it may, if you got into the habit of say writing daily first, then you might of written a book a month instead of one every 10 years.

So in video, you made your film/video. You’ve now made 1 or a handful, and even though many are shit, I’ve made… 500-1,000 videos/films at least in my lifetime. A vast majority happened in a short time frame while trying to get into a consistent habit over the years.

So, short story long, I will likely be making quality videos more frequently than many deem possible, because I’m already in the habit of making videos regularly. I will not be the first to do it. If you’re a filmmaker and think I’m full of shit, I’d advise you too look into YouTubers like Casey Nestiat, David Dobrik, Mr. Beast, Emma Chamberlin, Peter McKinnon, Daniel Sheffner and yes even Logan Paul. And if you don’t think they’re filmmakers, you should reevaluate your current definition. Your career may depend on it.

It takes quantity to get quality.

My point is, it’s not talent. It’s skill. Skill takes practice. And practice takes discipline. Once you become disciplined in your craft, over time, you can do things no one else can do. You can not only move mountains, you can create them.

Get into the habit first. Get in the habit of going to the gym first, then focus on the regime. Working out like the Rock for a week won’t do much for you or your body long-term.

Discipline is the differeniator & the key to quality work cranked out a rapid speeds.

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