"Army of Thieves" was Much Better Than Expected

Just got done watching this very entertaining Netflix film, "Army of Thieves," and right off the bat, the feeling of the film was a different tempo than what I expected, in a good way!

Here it is on Netflix.

It was narrated, the lead actor is British, interesting, relatable and quite funny. There are moments I actually laughed out loud, mainly at his ridiculous and hilarious scream.

The supporting characters are hot and great! Very well cast. It was produced by Zack Snyder. It was a very engaging story and has well developed characters. I really cared about them.

The filmmaking was great, and it was highly entertaining!

This is almost a prequel to "Army of the Dead," which is a different vibe of a film.

You can see why I was surprised. Now I haven't seen the entire movie of "Army of the Dead," I wasn't in a zombie gore of a mood.

But after seeing this, maybe I'll give it a shot! Maybe it's not what I was expecting.

Nevertheless, you see little antidotes throughout of a zombie apocalypse happening in the states on the news. It's based in Europe.

It's worth the watch! A great home blockbuster movie.

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it:

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