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Although unknown, Dan Kathman has written nearly everything: Books, Screenplays, Video Scripts, Stand-up Comedy, Articles, News, Blogs & more.

Dan's love for writing began at a very early age when he started writing rhyming stanzas like Dr. Seuss.

This quickly transitioned into writing scripts for videos that he started making at 7-years-old. Later, he would take to journaling. He Aced his English classes all the way through, even with trouble reading due to a learning disability. His teachers often commented to his parents on his extraordinary vocabulary. 


Although shy growing-up, he seemed to have a gift for storytelling. In college, where he was one credit short of a creative writing minor, he wrote his first screenplay and started his first book.


He'd write many more short films, sketch comedies, and more before taking a stab at a novel when he realized his feature-length screenplay would be impossible for him to produce. Although, that book is still, among others, is still in the works.

It's no surprise that his first published book was based on a screenplay he wrote. A pilot actually that he entered into a contest and it won an American Movie Award. The event was cancelled, so no pitches, red carpet or glory. He didn't enter it into any other competitions. Instead, he decided to turn it into a book. And so, Elves: Take One was self-published.


And there are many more to come.


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